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We in Basement Vibes want to make a secure and safe place where people can be who they want without being judged or scared of rejection.

If your seeing this, hello! Come to our new server awaiting you, here, they are alot of spots open for main jojo roles you could take! Be part of our rp community! Jojo Bizzare Adventure related server (The series)

Here you can chat about anything!! We support everyone, this server is mostly based on Dream SMP and MCYT šŸ’œ

Looking for a server? Go grab some tea or whatever you please and join fellow gamers, weebs, and artists!

This is just a nice place to hang out, and talk, and meet some new friends!

Welcome to Gucci Bucket Hat, A fun, fast paced, and friendly community with quite a unique atmosphere. Anyone and everyone is welcome & encouraged to join along this ragtag crew, and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime Quickly growing, active staff

a really fun server with a small amount of members that has good roles good owners and nsfw channel

We are a server where you can do anything. From dark humor to meeting new people, we have a wide variety of members and bots.

If u want to hang out with some people this is the server for you.

Basically, we talk about sports. It would be much appreciated if we could get more people, and Iā€™m trying to expand this as much as possible. If you love sports, and you love talking about sports, then this server is definitely for you! Give it a shot!

Anything from matchmaking to memes we got it all come chill out game make a community have fun With Unique Bots

Place for Furries to talk and look at a few- less than SFW pics~

A Genshin Impact and other gaming community with: Exclusive giveaways, builds, guides, challenges, events and more!