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our discord server is very open to new members. we are very accepting, and would not like close minded individuals in our server.

13-18 welcome!! we are a newer chat oriented server to meet new people and make friends! This server has a large variety of topics covered and is always willing to add more! Wed love to have you <3

a server for woc gamers!

We play Minecraft, Genshin Impact, we talk about anime, gaming, social and so may more!

Feel Free to chat Male/Female/Other Here to have fun and slowly grow Some roasting is good but don't go off don't be a snow flake (Anyone from any background allowed it)

Here we want to build a community that helps eachother along the way. We will mainly be Position or Swing trading, and we hope to grow and become better.

Whatever u want u contact me and u get it. :)

We just vibe and stuff

We’re a server mostly based around helping with studies and hanging out!

This is a fun, kind, loving server who loves chatting and cute animals!

We help people with their Homework for free and it can be either chegg or coursehero or even bartleby or even your own unique homework question!. Sponsored by askyip.com! The best free Homework helping service that pays you to ask a question.

[EU] Wicked Demise is a World of Warcraft [Alliance + Horde] Community aiming to be a social place to hangout and grind together to the top. Our server aims for a positive environment toxicity & drama free

Hello ladies and gentlemen! It's been some time since I've posted here about the project. Some of you may have been aware of the D&D-esque race sheets I made last year for funsies and then ultimately turned into a project for a few of us.

anime server kawaii layout welcoming community emotes coming soon !! join aki cafe!