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This is a small server that I dont expect to be very big i just want it as like a little hang out server. We have voice chat rooms music bots and gaming channels. If you join you can make suggestions or even apply for mod by dming me.

Welcome to the B&E Anime Boba Cafe! We hope you enjoy your stay! As we talk about Boba and anime!

A place for gamers and and non gamers to chill have fun and play some games -fun minigames to play while your on the server -memes and NSFW channel

A community server looking to grow. Mainly English, and mainly European. We also have gaming channels.

Our server is focused on Minecraft Minigames and our own Server, Kronos. Search for teammates, share your achievements or be part of our Java Servers community, the choice is up to you! (We are not focused on Bedwars only)

Growing a mates server, bit if banter really. Very active. Minecraft realm Join for instant Pedo verification 😈

A server that offers a triangular diversity with gaming, anime, and Kpop. A rather small yet close community to get caught up on video game updates, Kpop trends, new anime releases, and more. We are truly grateful for any newcomers!

Building a sever need decided people to help build the sever with me will be fun and exciting. ( You will probably get mod if you ask for it)

Hey! Are you looking for a small, no bullying server? If you are, you might wanna join People of the Cupcakes! We Offer: No NSFW Active Owner Friendly people Fun bots If your interested, this server is just for you!


an art-based server with a friendly community , features a currency bot.

A fun server where anyone is welcome^^ We have bots, emotes, and more so feel free to join and say hi not a large or overwhelming server but active every day

Want to chill and hang out with some follow weebs? Well we welcome you with open arms!

A place where you can talk, recruit for games, chat, hangout, etc.... When you join the server, make sure to go to the welcome channel, read the topic, then go to the rules. We have many bots for you to play with,and if you want more, just suggest them

Friendly and Active Anime Community | Events | Giveaways | Emojis | and much more

Fortnite Lfg, when it comes to finding others to play with here is the place to do it. DUOS LFG SQUADS LFG TEAM RUMBLE LFG CREATIVE LFG PARTY ROYALE LFG Features: Update Announcements for Fortnite Item Shop Bot (Johnwickbot) Fortnite leaks