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『 ๔гค๓ค ςєภՇгคɭ 』 What we offer ➤ Daily Drama ➤Fun events ➤A lot of tea and exposing ➤A great staff team ➤Level rewards ➤Fun custom roles!


Free speech server for gaming and politics.

This is a discord server based on Minecraft! More specifically, our NEW Minecraft KitPvP server! We currently have it under construction so we need your help to get our discord community to grow. We are looking for YouTubers, staff, and members.

In Midoriya's Weeb Community, We Welcome All Weebs Everywhere And Hangout. Every Friday We Have A Poll For What We Can Play For Game Night. There Are Several Roleplays And Much More.

We are Holy Men Of The Golden Church, this is a Dark Souls 3 server that dabbles in jolly co-operation, PvE, PvP, trading, fight clubs, ect. There are 7 companies in the server, (from highest ranking to lowest ranking.)

Are you a techie, gamer, furry, meme person, or even a content creator looking to volunteer? Join Treehouse and experience many categories of fun right at your fingertips! You'll be glad you did!

The Abode is your online home away from home.

This server is mostly for the advertisement of my twitch but we will also have fun conversations and you can advertise your twitch and/or YouTube too

Hey there, we're a chill hang out server made for people to make friends and bond. Mostly interested in Anime, Games and more!

This server was created to helps everyone improve each other and adapt the best strategies for the various dimensions of their life.

This is a relaxed, casual place to chat and find a laugh or two. No negative energy allowed.

CRAFTINGGAMES ╒══════════════════╕ CRAFTINGGAMES.EU ╘══════════════════╛ ------------------------------------ Trete CRAFTINGGAMES bei, einem Aktiven und Netten Discord-Server!

The Digiverse Foundation intends to create a virtually explorable video game world with a size similar to that of the planet Earth.

Welcome to The NyX Hub! A gaming community for players all across the world with hundreds of active players and various game support!