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Join this community to relax, chill and vibe. If you ain't already in here join now to be part of the cool kids.

hey you! do you want to join a fun server? do you want to join a server with an anime card trading bot? or just a nice server to chat in? if you answered yes, then β˜…ε½‘πŸ-πŸ–πŸŽπŸŽ-𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞π₯-π­π¨π°π§ε½‘β˜… is the server for you!

This is a gaming / Streaming server Are you looking to start playing games or find someone to stream with, then this might be the place for you to go Were currently a small server with people who actively stream,

Chill community, we like to cause banter between each other, and once you get to know the server you'll be apart of the banter too, No rules in the general chat so go do whatever tf you want. Don't take anyone seriously, and don't take anything anyone say

A server for JoJo kinnies! (BE AWARE THIS IS A GIOMIS ACCEPTABLE SERVER!!!) 13+ please, adults are present!!

This is a server where you find people to play with, make and look at memes, listen to music, or just chill and hang out. Overall its a pretty chill server to just mess around with. There are a lot of bots(or about an average amount) to mess with also.

A general chat for community conversation, whether that's through text or through voice chat; we all love to communicate together. Many games being part of the conversation, with many different options to choose from. We are still a small server.

You play a game? We'll have the voice channel! Log in and meet players with similar gaming interests! Join in, play games, have fun, and GAME on!

✨Hello, Join us if you like gaming, memes, and lots of other cursed shiet and become a stonker :) nsfw channel and stickers are present. also anime lovers✨

hello this server is focused on making friend and stuff and join if you want!

This is a discord where u can play games and I need more people to play among us with hahaha pls join its worth itttt https://discord.gg/stSv6uvb

A place for everyone and everybody

A server for chilling and meeting new people.