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We stream anime every other day. We watch seasons together or movies depending what wins the poll Anime Streaming has a custom Waifu bot, it's still in the beta so if you have any issues please let us know.

We are one of the best advertising servers every made! We have so many emotes and we also have our own Bump Bot!

Like cybersport? Bet on your favorite teams and stand a chance to Win a Lamborghini!

A server for all expats living in Asia, to find people to play with and understanding what your teammates are saying

Hallo dies ist ein deutscher Server der sich mit psychoaktiven substanzen ausseinander setzt und eine community zu bilden die sich gerne austauscht hilft und spass hat

A safe haven for witches, starseeds, muggles, lightworkers, holistic lovers, new age thinkers & those looking to raise their frequency. This is a great place to meet new friends, promote your sm business, share your craft, learn, & mingle. *English*

A start of a server.

This is a brand new and growing discord server for the kpop group: VICTON !! Join us for many cute emotes, roles, channels are lots of fun!

Welcome to The Hive! very new server and A safe place for people suffering from mental disorders, we hope youll find a home here!

a small indie server just to chill in; no frills.

Please join this server. we have many bots to help you enjoy your stay and we have a very nice community. Please read the rules before doing anything.

Serveur roblox français avec son propre bot.

Everyone is welcome on this server, as long as you follow the rules and listen to staff members! Have fun!!😁

Hosting among us every now and then come join

A server for JoJo kinnies! (BE AWARE THIS IS A GIOMIS ACCEPTABLE SERVER!!!) 13+ please, adults are present!!