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Whow Advertise is a server where you can advertise nearly everything just as long as they are PG. No verification needed, just make sure your server gets in the right category. I thank you in advance for even taking the time to read all of this.

A small community-based Discord dedicated to gaming. The main game that the server focuses on is War Thunder but we welcome everyone. We aim to do huge custom battles and customs games. We also aim to make a squadron in the near future.

Whether it's just talking to people, sending memes, doing homework or gaming, we've got you covered here with a variety of channels.

All that is there to do in the server is to chat :D

Just a place for Smash Bros players of all kind to come together, find match ups, and just talk about whatever. The real Smash Bros is the friends we made along the way:)

Give away a, hacked items anything you want https://discord.gg/wn5UAwCmA2

〈📢〉 Get Fresh News And Announcements! 〈💬〉 Just Chill With Your Friends! 〈🐱〉 Talk About Scratch! 〈🎧〉 Listen To Music! 〈🌮〉 Run Your Very Own Taco Shop! 〈⛏〉 Play Minecraft Games! 〈⚔️〉 Play Intense RPG Ga

Hey, brauchst du Hilfe bei den Schulaufgaben? Dann komm jetzt auf unseren Discord Server und unsere tolle Community wird dir helfen deine Aufgabe zu lösen :D

4 islas unidas en un solo server, solo apretando un emoji te podrás ir moviendo en las diferentes zonas ¡cuantas veces quieras! Cada zona se especializa en algo en concreto ;)).

A gaming server all about vibing and chatting (and music) come and join us, a very fun and friendly community!

› For fun › CZ/SK only

boo discord server


friendly server where you can meet new people and make new friends :) - 1:1 male to female ratio - variety of interests - custom roles and colors - boosting benefits - giveaways

MBTI FR est un serveur dédié au test de personnalité MBTI, basé sur les travaux du psychiatre suisse Carl G. Jung, ainsi qu'à d'autres modèles de types psychologiques tels que l'ennéagramme, la socionique, etc. Rejoignez-nous !

Slightly modded 2x server with a loot balance not too rewarding yet not so dissapointing. | 5 Man

A simple server where you can talk about Phasmophobia and find players, we've got self roles, many voice chats and custom voice chats and useful text channels.

NEW SERVER! - A place where you can chill, have fun, and also get help or help someone with homework/schoolwork! - Games, Trivia, Memes, +more - Friendly Environment