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[EU] Wicked Demise is a World of Warcraft [Alliance + Horde] Community aiming to be a social place to hangout and grind together to the top. Our server aims for a positive environment toxicity & drama free

We are a global LGBTQ+ friendly server dedicated to gaming, art, making friends, and uplifting one another. We welcome all ages, identities, ethnicities, talents, and interests with love. Welcome to the family.

Server for Music Producers, Music artists and (drawing) artists all to collaborate

Hey guys. This is a server where we can chill,play games,meet new people and talk just about anything,everyone is welcome! We have some rules that need to be strictly followed,but we can always have fun. Hope to see you there! :)

hAI WELcoME TO SOUENIC FANCOLB!!! we al lOVE sopnec! *this is a saterical server, dont take it seriously *Act like a kid who loves sonic *use a excessive amount of Exclaimation Points !!!!!!

fun server to hang out and chill in

Welcome to Fairview Graphics! Fairview Graphics offers services for Roblox. From GFX to Renders, we have it all. We have affordable products. Currently we are looking for staff members who can assist with orders.

~ Bringing the community together through positive vibes! ~

This is a fun and friendly server that has Roleplay chats of all kinds, promotion channels, meme channels, anime channels, promotion channels, study channels and many more!

Social Gaming Server! Great strangers looking to chat and game. All the channel's you need without a clutter!!

Join the Axolotl Cult for hangout, music, games and activities! (We are not a actual cult-)

A friendly Roblox-development server. We need new members, administrators and moderators! Join now!

🔥 ROBLOX Volleyball 4.2 League! 🔥 __________________________________ 🌈 Register your own team or apply to join one! 🌈 ______________________________________________ 💎 Training Camps, Tournaments, and More! 💎 _________________________________________

Read long desc but yea it's a Nintendo discord server made by Aktan so join