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Una comunidad para hacer amigos, jugar juegos y más!

Gang Wars In life it's survival of the fittest... The strong toppling the weak in this dog eat dog world... The strength is shown in many ways whether that muscle or brains power is all that matters, and now power means much much more...

Discord server for gaming and chatting with your friends. In this discord server you can play such games as (Valorant, Minecraft, Among us, Rocket League, Gta V and so much more.

Game World is a Brand New Server! It will be used for lot's of fun games and entertainment! You can post memes, videos, and anything you want.

We talk about anime, listen to music, and chat for hours. We are very diverse and have members from across the globe! The owner of the server also has an anime meme page called @glorypods and posts daily and is interactive with his fan base.

why discord server


you can meet new people n make some cool friends. its pretty chill here. you can do server events to get more power. its kina awesome. please join

We play Cod, Fortnite, dead by daylight, Minecraft Bedrock, and we are still adding to the list. We have emojis and have rewards for activity (Dj and mod). We mainly play on pc

A political server based of a monarchy and a Mongol conquered Middle East

Hey there! If you're ever bored and you're looking for something to do. Here we have many things for you to do and have fun here!

My Twitch Discord server for anybody to join.

the flames and fire is a fully playable RPG where you can fight your opponents in battle, race to the top of the leveling leaderboard.

A Place Where You Can Talk With Others or Play Some Discord Bot Games!

This is a investing based server where we work on bringing the best to our members. We put out daily alerts of what to buy and when to sell. I imagine you joining right now 😁

RL Warehouse is only for Rocket League pc players on Steam/Epic Games. You can buy tons of items in full sets in this server for 1/3 of the price in credits. You can also trade and chat with other people in this rocket league server!

This server currently has 55 members. We're all teenagers, friends, and bored. Sometimes we have watch parties and use VCs for gaming, but it's just a place to make more friends. (we like gaming, dream team/streamers, anime, movies, nice people) pls join!

We're a family-friendly community created to facilitate discussion between artists, writers and other creative individuals.