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IntSpec is a place to learn and discuss various ttrpgs, and no worries, we are definitely not a dnd 5e exclusive server. If not that there are plenty of great people to just converse with or play video games/normal board games with.

Just a small group of people aiming for the stars. We play a multitude of games and are looking for Players and Management alike.

wholesome, friendly and fun community! regular giveaways & events. join amore today !!

Your go-to place for talking about vintage Apple products!

Greate debates and fun hangout. Come join the chaos.

we chill and have fun ;) (we like when people raid our servers)

Stray Kids themed discord server for Kpop stans! ALL FANDOMS WELCOMED! β€” A safe place for STAY!

A simple server where you can talk about Phasmophobia and find players, we've got self roles, many voice chats and custom voice chats and useful text channels.

β€Ί For fun β€Ί CZ/SK only

Whether it's just talking to people, sending memes, doing homework or gaming, we've got you covered here with a variety of channels.

Join a club for a craft you love, not just another discord server.

Best NSFW discord guys

Gaming sever for pervs!

Come join whatever! I was too lazy to come up with a proper name. There's only like 25 of us and we're just chillin. Mostly just chit chat but can do games and movies too!

Chill server with chill people. We host movie nights, have a game room, bot commands and a bit of everything!

A foot-fetish community for sharing pictures, videos, and discussion topics about women's feet, soles, toes, arches, foot-worship, feet-smelling, trampling, & foot-domination. Must be 18+ to join & may only post female feet that are also 18+.