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A great community where we discuss all topics related to Lex Fridman Podcast and then some.

8bit-Ramen, https://discord.gg/7hRp9W8, is a NA USA based gaming community for anyone and everyone to chat, find games to play with others, and have a great time.

witchcraft and friends:) talk abt whatever you like, we’re friendly:)

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Welcome to The Local Scene! A place for local South Jersey and Philadelphia bands to get together and have a community!

Make new friends, movie nights, live streams, gaming fun, memes and more!

We r a community (3to4 member) and wanna grow our server. This server mainly focus on music it has all the music bots I could find and this server is shit only for now join and listen to music and also help me add more music bots

just a average server trying to grow.

A server with random stuff in it.

A casual, no-nonsense server for discussing coding of all kinds!

hellagtes is a growing discord server that hosts giveaways and has people in it to play all sorts of games with!

A server meant for students and faculty of Northern Michigan University.

We currently are a small browser game channel and we are always looking for new people to join Army Clicker!

meet friends, play some games, laugh at memes and make scuffed noises all in one place. The Hood.

You only need 4 invites to get one month of FREE discord nitro!!

play minecraft and roblox and valorant with us