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This server is for MALE cashdoms and cashsubs/cashfags. NO female doms, you will be kicked (sorry ladies). We are an active community and we check everyone who joins so no fakes or time wasters.

Hexen / Witches, Heiden/Pagans, Magie/Magick , german witchcraft community

we are a friendly server based around memes and general talks everyone is free to join We host often giveaways free to everyone in the server I hope to see you around

A server with a lot of memes and people to talk to. We also have fun events every week. We also talk about anime a lot in our server so if any of this stuff interests you please join.

We are new and we do 1v1 roast sessions that are fun!

It's an place where everyone is welcome even if u don't watch anime.

A great community where we discuss all topics related to Lex Fridman Podcast and then some.

A chill server to come hangout and vibe with some sound dudes...

This Rocket League server contains trading, casual playing, competitive playing, coaching, highlights, and just regular chatting. Xbox, Ps4, pc, and switch can all join. Everybody is allowed in this server and I hope you can join and have fun!

The Hourglass is a freedom server. Born in the greatest country in the world, The United States of America, we value your freedom of speech. We live very short lives so why not have a place to speak your mind however you want. Everyone is welcome here.

All that is there to do in the server is to chat :D

NEW SERVER! - A place where you can chill, have fun, and also get help or help someone with homework/schoolwork! - Games, Trivia, Memes, +more - Friendly Environment

Hallo an alle wir wollen ein Discord Server mit leuten haben die bock auf eigene Minecraft Modpacks haben die wir selber erstellen. ^^

just a average server trying to grow.

A place where you can leave your worrys behind and just chilled and talk, share your interests, come play games and share your ideas. This group is very diverse and accepting of all, share your memes and make friends. Donโ€™t worry about being left alone ;3