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Here we game and talk! We have lots of channels. We have lots of bots also such as Dank Memer, Mee6, OWO bot and more. Hope to see you there.

We are a community that helps each other

Community discord server with king and friendly users

This is a new server so we don’t have Many people But we play horror games Have horror Roblox groups Make clothing,games And More! We are Not the strict kind of server So U can Settle in!🎪🎡

Scc discord server


The Sad Comics Community is an all inclusive mental health awareness community with active VC's, game and movie nights, and overall friendly atmosphere. There are rooms for a multitude of hobbies, and odds are you will be met with a room that matches your

A new server mainly around forza with daily photo and car of the week compititions

- basically no rules - just dont be a snowflake have fun :)

Welcome To Drays Hangout This server is meant for people to find friends and share there media platform, such as youtube and twitch. Small Streamers and Youtubers are welcome to share their platform here!

A server for teenage girls who love femininity and want to incorporate it into their daily lives.

A gaming clan and a make friends server come hop in and enjoy

This group is made for wholesome people to make new friendships worldwide. You must be at least 18+ to join the group. Also for people who are interested in reviving dead chats! NO inactive members!

Hop on board to join an among us community from around the globe

Hey! Are you a Grand Theft Auto V player and are you looking to get some more money in-game? Or are you just looking for a nice GTA community with lots of meets and events? Then this is the right place!