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WTT is server for young trans people to chat in, and be themselves. We offer lots of cool channels, and friendly moderation.

hey Welcome to Player Lounge, we just created this server we have a nice owner and staff

DogDefiCoin offers dog breeding staking in exchange for rewards.

Server Velikog Kebe Krabe

˜”°•.˜”°•Euphorium•°”˜.•°”˜ A friendly place focused on making sure that almost all of our members interact with each other thanks to our events and safe chatting


This is a community for any and all people interested in computers and programming.

Anime based shitpost server Have as much fun as u want as long it doesn't break tos We don't care

For fans of Fresh Ethic Media podcasts (Wine Thirty, The Bach Report, IJDHTF) Chat with Andrew & Lindsey, get advice, gossip about the Bachelor, and share your favorite wines.

Hey, we are Sketchbook! An community to help and other creators. We promote artist from every field from Dance and music to digital works!! Join now and make some creative friends to share your works!!!

Hittin' Different is 20+ and home to a variety of people from around the world. Surprisingly beautiful men and women with dope personalities to boot make this a spot worth coming back to.

, is a server where you can make friends and just be yourself! this server maybe be toxic at times, but must of the time its over something dumb. if you need friends, a chill server, or just a laugh, then this server is just for you! come and join

Are you an utter piece of shit and a disappointment to your parents? Well join this shithole then!

DBD Extravaganza! For gamers that play Dead By Daylight and a lot of other cool perks as well :)

For people who enjoy gaming together