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This is Server where anyone can stream anything as long as it follows the rules. We also Stream Movies,T.V Shows, and more!!! Come over to the Walk-In-Theater and enjoy tour stay.

We chill and relax. Also, we play games and stuff.

A discord server for getting and giving help to other related to coding and programming. Spigot Plugin Development. Java Programming.

This server is mainly used to help you get any scroll,jin,or jutsu.

This is my server for my twitch people who like to check out my twitch

its just a place to calm down, got in a fight? come here, talk, listen to music, and have fun!

Join if you're real, BTW you're a complete dumbass if you think the election isn't rigged. It's just pretty ironic of you to call the 2016 election rigged but now you're saying elections can't be rigged. Is it not rigged only when it's in favor of you?

please join i am autistic kid without hands 😎

Currently, we're your standard Server In Development that Obviously doesn't introduce much. But is working hard toward's becoming a Server everybody will enjoy. Otherwise, we're your lovable, Meme-Posting, Anime/Manga, Hentai loving Community.

A Phasmophobia LFG server to find other players wanting to play some phasmophobia in your region!

A fun place to meet players, create teams and hangout. We're a growing community looking to expand and welcome new members to play tournaments and show off content.

A Prettty Damn Interesting Server, If ya ask me, Taht is..

This discord is dedicated to the field of Cognitive Science. Here you'll find opportunities, articles, memes,etc.! Our discord also welcomes other academic fields to join including artificial intelligence, mathematics, physics, etc,!

Cool people just chilling and having fun!! Lots of memes! Music friendliness

Welcome to Zeena's magical back yard !! Here we have a positive envoirment, alot of games and fun 💕 You can grab some roles and express what you like !!