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Purple Gang! :blush: Socialize and meet new friends :blush: :computer: Game with new people :computer: And so much more to do! (just have fun!) Its one button away!

This server is to meet new people from around the world and to have fun when you're bored, I am looking for server staff as well, if you prove yourself you shall become a moderator and I hope it grows and if you like it please invite your friends

Right so in this box am i meant to right a short description? Yes. Right this is our server where we will host a variety of differebt games and vhatting events it will be a nice community and we are also looking for staff members

This is a community-based discord server, where you can talk, game and have fun with others!

The official discord of /r/Kakegurui. All about the popular anime and manga, Kakegurui. Authored by: Kawamoto Homura, and drawn by: Naomura

This server is dedicated to game developers, 3D artists, general development, gamers, and much more! (currently looking for admins/devs)


CHKSRV is a company that provides new tech for the discord community.

SleepyLab! A open and friendly community and for SleepyCloud Support. This community is intended For both players and developers.

V:TM V20 Server taking place in 2021 NYC. Camarilla heavy, with Sabbat and Anarch influences.

This is an among us server that wants to grow and get more people into among us! We have people that you can talk to in #talk and anytime you want to play among us with friends you can go here! Just make sure to follow the rules!

Active Hip Hop Server, Partnerships Offered to Music Servers With 200+ Members, Members With Less Than 200 Members Must Ping Our Link,

Welcome friends. here you can gain access to our minecraft server as well as updates on youtube channels. post memes, chat, and just have fun. if you want a place to self advertise, self promo is always welcome. can't wait to welcome you all.

A safe and sweet environment for any weeb out there! If you like to watch anime, Otaku Central is the right server for you! Feel free to check us out and we will treat you like family (:

πŸš€Among Us Worldwide πŸš€ 🌍Gaming Server πŸ› οΈ Roles πŸ’¬ Chat