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We are the British Army!

This server is based around Valve games! (Especially Portal). We also have other games and we are a happy Euro-American server.

Hello and this server is internet Cord! Internet CORD is a server where everyone can come together to hang out and share what they like on the Internet! Be sure to keep it wholesome though, we have mods.

Just a server I made as a joke kinda no rules and stuff

A server for Gamers to talk about anything in general, and separate channels and VCs just for video games!

===================== We are a small FiveM and server who strives for a serious RP Cit. We are just starting up. Due to that, we are hiring for our moderation team and whitelist department head's. Please consider joining, Thanks! =====================

Hello! Come join Mr.Robot & Friends to get the most out of COD. Need XP, CAMOS, WEAPON LEVEL UPS, AND MORE???? Join us today!

We are the British Army!

pls discord server


do u like anime are u punky are u the person no rule are applied than this server is perfect for u afterall become a punky god with ulmate community and always active staff

gaming place and chill

Horror-Based server for videogames and movies. This is a *chill* hangout, meaning no degenerate fans of horror allowed. This is for the books, movies, mini films. The games and the rpg horror games from our childhood. LGBT friendly.

play, chat, draw, make friends in this cossy server :)

Boredom is a friendly server, welcome for all people. We do gaming, twitch streaming, chat and much more!! Feel free to join you're wanted!!

Small sever for now with just a bunch of friends, but looking to make a fun community for people to hang out with and make new friends. :)

its basically us shit posting having fun watching movies anime playing games and listening to music together its fun come join us.

A community discord for Elite Dangerous, a space themed MMORPG.