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join our server now we have great community and well made server

A little server where HOTS players can group up and play matches or other games together! (We play every weekend, day and night)

A community hub for artists, creatives, adventurers, and fans.

Make friends and play with each-other not to mention we have a nice community to always talk to

This is a great server centered around roblox but is not only roblox and should have a LOT of fun here!

Hello!! We are a Clash Royale server, mainly focused on Clash Royale but we are a bunch of peeps who love to hang and have a great time. We growing, and adding bots and new features everyday. We hope to see you soon!

Our Discord server

xens hub is a server made for anyone to hang out in its a place where aspiring content creators can get better know for their hard work and tons more we are an 18+ server though!

A server with little to no rules and lots of fun!

A great server welcoming everyone.

Looking for a group to play games with? Uncomfortable with the atmosphere around men? Tired of the weird way-too-normal cishet people? Come join my server and help to build a community of all girls! Inclusive of all! Building a Minecraft SMP as well!

Welcome! I shall briefly explain what we are! We are a team of people who find MAPS, Zoos, Racists, Homophobes, etc and report these bad people. We also have an awesome role bot, a music bot, and a welcoming community of people who are great to talk to!

We are the British Army!

a new and great server but needs members!

LightningLandsMC Discord Server The Official Discord Server for LightningLandsMC Minecraft Server. Join For A Great Community, Good Staff, And just a good time :)

A social hangout server for Australians, Amaricans and more. The server is chill, also for business, developers and tech.