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A server for people who work in fields of technology. Flexible server, new channels, services, bots, emoji are created or included according to community needs. All technical discussions are welcomed.

We are a group of people that are mostly Asians but we accept all races and would invite everyone internationally to come hangout with us, when game or sing or just hangout in general!

hello! this is a server that wants to help people that are playing this game and wants to grow a community that share a lot of information about this game. also you can play with different people here and enjoy meeting and making new friends(;

We're a bunch of friends who created a server to hang, play games and meet other people. As I said up that, we play games on xbox or pc or mobile in a vc, we hang, have movie nights, basically just waiting to try to meet new people.

⤿ Mature members ⤿ Small tight-knit community ⤿ Custom roles and channels ⤿ Weekly server events ⤿ Regular VC OUR GOAL: Foster a community where people can have conversations alongside some banter

Tohle je SecretMajnr začínám tu nově užívejte si server ať se vám to líbí :)

Hello, Welcome to PakTeens.

come join our growing minecraft discord server! Meet new people and chat in our categorised game chats. Play games with the bots, talk in the voice channel or listen to songs of your choice in the music channel. hope to see you there, enjoy! : )

Adverting cave is a discord server where you can advertise literally ANYTHING!

defenestration island has pretty much nothing to do with defenestration or islands, but feel free to stop by if you’re bored and want to talk to random idiots on the internet oh and theres fun bots and events and stuff

Please Join Sinner's Coven! We have bots, friends, and some fun activities waiting for you!

This is a server that wants you to join ! We help people make lots of coins and provide good fifa content! We support you through everything and would love to see you join our server and be a part of this new community!

Waifu Bots, active chat, cuteness overload

Welcome to an Among Us server, this server is rather small but most of us are active, please help me grow this server

This server is based around Valve games! (Especially Portal). We also have other games and we are a happy Euro-American server.