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Mimu is a server that you can play around in!

Welcome to Whats popping ! Here we don't allow: NSFW, bullying, racism, interrupting music queue. To get moderator you must be in there server for about a year. And have fun!

Are you an MCU addict? Have you been looking for people with similar tastes? Well, look no further... We are also ‘Something For Everyone’ server as we just not only concentrate on Marvel but other fandoms and things too!!

A gaming and socializing server meant for all ages of all games!

it's a server made for having fun and gaming.Atleast try to join and see but pleas understand that we just started.Have fun!

We are a friendly server that uses tupperbox to roleplay. Its a fantasy themed roleplay, the setting is a university. We have friendly active members and staff, and are LGBTQ+ friendly. I sound like a robot while writing this... screw lack of sleep.

Option trade alerts and stock recommendations.

Want to find a crew for adventure or arena, join a server takeover, talk to others who love Sea Of Thieves? Join now and help us grow this small community into a much larger community!

This server it's french communauty and pub serve

We supply different recreational drugs such as Opiates LSD DMT Adderall Xanx Molly Etc

Simple system that allows you to play custom matches in Warzone on a daily basis.

A furry discord server made for people to hangout and chat in.

A Fun and Friendly (18+) Server for social chat with nice, sweet people.

Servidor en español para jugadores de TTT, con servidor propio, ganas de jugar y pasarlo bien.

A fun place to hangout with fellow weebs!!

This server is full of people who ride and admire the Honda Grom