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CZ/SK/EN gaming community

We are a cool group that need members. We like Birds.

DynastyRP, is a Serious RP server started by a community of people who want people to feel like part of a community.

My server is to make a community where people can have fun and talk without people bullying.

We are the Biscuit Bois! Have fun while chatting, memeing, gaming, and so much more, why havent you already joined?

Friendly group mainly revolving around memes and gaming. Join to share YOUR experiences and to meet new friends!

🚀Among Us Worldwide 🚀 🌍Gaming Server 🛠️ Roles 💬 Chat

Hey! We're a server, focusing on a simple user experience, with uncluttered channel categories, simple bots and easy to understand roles.

V:TM V20 Server taking place in 2021 NYC. Camarilla heavy, with Sabbat and Anarch influences.

Hel discord server


Herkesin her şeyi konuşabileceği, ayrıca oyunlar oynayabileceği bir Discord Sunucusu.

A server for thats for chill people

We are a very active community with people making friends everyday, also it is very easy to earn ranks, we typically talk about games and play games in our community so come join us now!

A server for MC players to find frends, servers, and more!

⊶⊶⊶ What is this server about? ⊶⊶⊶ ೋღ This is a roleplay server/"fan-cafe" where you can interact with "BTS" who are played by a few people. You can go by a fake name and make your own OC (Original Character) to speak to others or just be yourself.

A growing community for those who are vtubers/streamers as well as just anyone that wants to connect with others! This community is two vtubers that is trying to make a welcoming and fun place for others to join.