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-+-+-**Chill and play Lounge by LifeLongTragedy1**-+-+- **What is "Chill and play Lounge by LifeLongTragedy1"?** Its a server with fun activities and games, where u can also find people to talk to or just listing to music

This is a server for gtav players, if you dan't have anybody to play with, somebody in this server will be happy to play with you. We are a Dutch/American server. This is a place where friend get made. :)

🔧🔩 Final Stage is an Automotive-related server. Choose role(s) that define you, chat with other enthusiasts, showcase your builds, ask for help from experienced enthusiasts, level up, post gorgeous cars, and most importantly, learn.

Hello Welcome to SSS! aka Shota Seiso Server. The server is currently in progress, you can help suggest some stuffs to make the server better! it's appreciated!.

A great gaming community that would be a great addition to your server list! We got a great staff and the staff is focusing on you! We are always hiring staff and you can always be one of our new staff members! We are also working on a minecraft server :)

New 18+ server! We have party games, movie nights, and chill streams! Also 420/drinking friendly and foul language is encouraged!

A vibe with no restrictions. Also, if you’re interested in assistance with designing, and building your own server, join and hit up @DopeAf. She got the hookups.

Hey Gamers!! Join this server!! We have game nights, chill and active staff, level one boosted server, fair rules, fun bots, partnerships, movie nights, an advertisement channel, and nice people that you can make friends with! Hope to see you there!

Welcome to The Crystal Mines! A place to chat and socialize with friends!

A great community server with amazing people. We have gaming, art, music, and more.

The largest, most active and popular Haikyuu Discord. Our server includes general talking, role-playing and fun features on our server.

Ohayo Weeb-kun ! Si tu es fan de manga, anime, cosplay, bodypillows et hentai alors tu es le bienvenue ! T'en fait pas, si tu aimes seulement les anime tu peux nous rejoindre aussi !

Battle Axe Roleplay Union'a hoşgeldin!

Sharing Patreon Content for free!

Big Pump Signal is the biggest cryptocurrency pump community worldwide. We find unique market opportunities and together with our group we pump the price of coins up massively by buying in at the same time.

Server with dedicated fans of RuPaul's Drag Race (and it's spoilers). We have channels dedicated to speculation and live discussion, as well as channels for fantasy seasons and gaming. LGBTQ+ Friendly!