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Looking for a fun and chill server where you can meet new people? Well you came to the right spot! Here you will have the most fun ever. Everyone 13+ is accepted too. Come check us out!

Wild west themed hangout server to meet new friends and chill

Hey, my peeps! Welcome to ✦Gaycentral✦ We are a new 18+ LGBTQ+ Fun community come join us in have some fun! We're looking for mods and more active users, especially people who live in different timezones, and night owls!

A place where everyone and anyone can come together as family and be themselves and find there love as well people to play games with.

It's A Lifestyle was made for people during Coronavirus to make friends and have a place they can be their selves with others!

Chill place looking for tight community yk the flow, we do just chatting, gaming, dating kinda i guess, roasts, whatever you want so just please have fun.

A new community where you can hang out and chill! 100% LGBTQ+ friendly. We’re very welcoming and hope to grow with you!

etc: 𝐠𝐫𝐨𝐠𝐠𝐲 𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 - is a safe space for you to make friends, have fun, participate in events, and more !

Hoot Hours is a vibrant space for young adults to share talents, get into deep conversations, have fun, and make new friends!

Server for people to just hangout and talk on. Maybe overdose on ketamine idk. We have emotes, bots, shitty memes, and almost no people because I just made this teehee.

The Bench is a gaming, dating and social server. We are a relatively new server and I hope you come visit us!

(β—οΌžβ—‘οΌœβ—)β‹ˆγ€‚βœ§β™‘ ━ UGH!οΈ΅β™‘ κ”« .q゚+..q ,, ━━━━━━━ ,, .q゚+..q κ”« < a new soft aesthetic server with chill people > < to socialize with~ > οΈ΅ γ€€β™‘ γ€€β™‘γ€€ β™‘ γ€€β™‘γ€€ β™‘γ€€ οΈ΅

ΰ­¨ : join us ___˚. β‚Šβ™‘οΈŽβ‚Š roles&clrs β‚Šβ™‘οΈŽβ‚Š movies,games,giveaways β‚Šβ™‘οΈŽβ‚Š aes emotes β‚Šβ™‘οΈŽβ‚Š mixed community β‚Šβ™‘οΈŽβ‚Š active vcs

Welcome to Eorzea Meet, a FF14 discord server! Our purpose is to help you make friends or find love within the FF14 community. We are recently established, growing rapidly, and have members across several data centers. Hope to see you there!

A Fun Server For hanging and chatting around with other teens!